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Happy Death Day 2U

The sequel to Greetings for your death. Still there are no details of the plot.
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Pet Sematary

The film tells of a family that abandons life in the city for life in the countryside in Maine. They will discover that they have moved near a pet cemetery and when their cat is hit by a truck, they will decide to bury it in that cemetery. But they will have to deal with dark forces.
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Spies in Disguise

Lance Sterling is the most fascinating spy in the world. Full of resources, it is always the best when it comes to saving the Earth. Walter, on the other hand, is the exact opposite, he is clumsy and introverted but at the same time ingenious: he is the one who invents gadgets for Lance. After a setback, the two will be forced to work together and learn to trust each other, while the world is in danger of disappearing.

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Cold Pursuit

The protagonist, Nels, is a simple man, proud of being a diligent citizen of his sparkling city in Colorado where he won the award of the year for his commitment to his work as a snow plow. Suddenly, his life is turned upside down when his son is killed by a powerful local drug boss. Fueled by the need for revenge and armed with heavy artillery, this unlikely hero sets out to dismantle the cartel with extreme precision, in an attempt to get to the top of the chain that killed his son.

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